Walk and Wheel Wednesdays

Every extra person walking or riding to school adds to the fun and momentum. Lots of people walking make the streets safer and friendlier and helps motivate others to take part. Even if you live too far to walk or ride, think about driving to a drop-off point a kilometre or half a kilometre from the school. Remember part way is ok! As long as children walk a minimum of 500 metres they can go in the draw to win prizes.

Walking or wheeling part way not only helps children get extra exercise into their day, but also helps reduce traffic congestion around our school during pick up and drop off times.

Did you know walking or riding is quicker than you think? It only takes 12-15 minutes to walk 1 km and 5 minutes to ride 1 km, and it’s a great way to travel – you can engage your senses in the world around you – the autumn leaves, the rain, the puddles and birds.

Remember, the more times students walk or wheel to school, the higher their chances are to win prizes for themselves and our school.