Chatham School Rules


A reminder that teachers are on duty from 8:45 in the yard. Students preferably should not be at school before this time. For the safety of all, once the bag bell has rung at 8:50, students have been asked not to play with sports equipment of any kind anywhere in the school grounds. The same applies at the end of the day where we ask that students or younger siblings do not start playing with balls or riding bikes and scooters until after 3:45 when the school yard has cleared of heavy congestion. We thank you for your support in keeping the school grounds safe for everyone.



A reminder to everyone about the use of the front door entrance to the school. We would prefer that students and parents do not use the front door to enter the school in the morning or to use it to leave the school at the end of the day. We have instructed students that they may use this entrance during the day if they need to come to the school office or sick bay with an urgent matter, otherwise they must walk around the school at either end of the building.  To help cut down on the congestion around the school office during these busy times of the day we also ask that parents do not use this entrance unless absolutely necessary.



Many parents like to walk up to school with their dogs. Please remember that all dogs must be on a leash and under your control and supervision at all times. Parents need to be aware that some children are frightened of dogs while others have limited exposure and do not know how to approach dogs safely. Tying them up in the yard as you visit the classroom is not really acceptable as students may approach your dog without you being there to monitor their reaction. Leaving them tied up at any of the school gates unattended is also not acceptable. I am sure that the last thing you would want is your dog to bite or snap at a student. If you bring your dog to school also please ensure that they do not leave any deposits behind in the school yard. Please pick up after your pet and monitor them and keep them under your supervisions at all times whilst in the yard.



Please remember to obey all parking restrictions and road rules when dropping off or picking up your children. If entering Banool Road, enter from the Weybridge Street end and travel right through to Whitehorse Road. This will help keep the traffic moving. Do not try to do a U-turn to come back against the traffic.  Please obey the parking signs and remember that there are parking restrictions at the front of the school on Weybridge St and along the side in Banool Rd. There are designated drop off and pick up points where parents should not be parking and leaving their cars.

It can be very busy around our school so please beware of our students at all times, especially watch out for the school crossing and consider our neighbours when parking around our local streets.



It is the expectation that students wear the appropriate school uniform at all times. We are a SunSmart school so students need to wear wide brimmed hats at all times when outside from now until the end of April.

Students should not be wearing nail polish or make up, long earing or jewellery and preferably have all long hair tied back.  Students should also be wearing closed toed shoes, not sandals or thongs,


When travelling to and from school between 8:30am and 3:45pm, riders must dismount and wheel or carry bikes, ripsticks, skateboards or scooters in Weybridge St between Wharton and Ross Sts, Benson St north of Wandsworth Rd and Banool Rd south of Meredith St.

The riding of bikes, scooters, skateboards, ripsticks or scooters is prohibited in the school grounds between 8:30am and 3:45pm during school days.