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Chatham Parent's Club

Chatham is renowned for its active and engaged parent community - it’s one of the things that make us a great school. Our Parents’ Club is a key part of the village feel that’s been fostered over the years. This group of dedicated volunteers co-ordinate more than 15 social and fundraising activities throughout the year as well as organising morning teas, staff celebrations and making sure new families are warmly welcomed to the school. All current families and carers are welcome to become active members of the Chatham Parents’ Club and contribute to this enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated group.


Through the generosity of the community and our sponsors, Parents’ Club is able to raise considerable funds for school equipment and vital resources. We also ensure there’s a healthy dose of fun involved with plenty of opportunities for socialising.


Parents’ Club meets once a term in the library with the minutes then submitted to School Council. These meetings are open to everyone and are a great way to see what goes on and also hear from the Principal.


Our main events include, but aren’t limited to:


Grand Fair (bi-annual)

Night Market

Mothers’ and Father’s Day Breakfasts and Stalls

Grandparents’ Day

The Walkathon

Welcome BBQ + Buddy Picnic

School Disco

Annual Parents’ Social Event

Gingerbread House Making

Jam Drive


Meet the leadership team who provide support and guidance across all events:


President: Belinda Dalton

Vice-President: Kristy McIlvenna

Treasurer: Louise Ross

Secretary: Jo Harris

Class Rep Co-ordinator: Marita Clayton
Communications: Erica Fosbender
Sponsorship: Fiona Evans
Grants: Katie Barnett


Get involved – you know you want to!


The beauty of Chatham is that everyone can be involved in some capacity. This is great for the school and your child will absolutely love the fact that you help out. Here are a few ideas to get you started and, we promise, there’s nothing scary about it!


  • Join the committee, or come along to the meetings. Parents’ Club holds its meeting once a term on a Friday morning, which is open to everyone and is attended by the principal.
  • Run an event. There are plenty to choose from and you get the full support and guidance of Parents’ Club.
  • Volunteer at an event. We use the Sign Up website to make volunteering super easy. Shifts are short and you’re guaranteed to make a new friend or two. You’re kids will love to see you helping out!
  • Help behind the scenes of events. Distribute flyers, chop fruit, make goodie bags…
  • Become a Class Rep. Each class has two class reps who co-ordinate coffee catch ups, distribute CPC communications and liaise with the classroom teacher.
  • Join a School Council Sub Committee. These committees often require niche skills and experience, which the parent community has in spades. Or lend your skills and expertise on an ad hoc/advisory basis.
  • Bake a cake. Chatham is famous for its cake stalls, which feature at the Grand Fair, Night Market and Election Day BBQs.
  • Become an event sponsor. Do you have a business that can support our fundraising through sponsorship? Either through in-kind donations of products or services, or with cold hard cash?
  • Attend a working Bee. These are held throughout the year and are a great way to get some fresh air!



For more information or to get involved, contact us on:

Chatham Primary School Parents' Club Constitution 2020

DET Letter of Approval - Chatham Primary School Parents' Club Constitution 2020

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